The Color of EDUCATION


Isaac Batts
Kyle DePasquale
Kayela Caton
Celine Chea
Michael Maggard
Brittany Alley
Pranav Tamilselvan
Jennifer Pinto
Amber Phillips
Carrie Mahagan

We are initiating a new program in the Fall of 2017 between Transylvania University and the Color of Education. This program will allow students to work closely with college professionals and students. These meetings will provide the students to gain information about college and practice important skills that are vital for success both inside and out of the classroom. 


Important Dates: 

Learn and grow with

10/2 Session 1: college admissions and "The Resume"
11/13 Session 2: Mock Scholarship interview
1/8 Session 3: FAFSA, student involvement and leadership, and living in community
2/5 Session 4: Telling your story
3/24 Session 5: Student services on college campus: navigating academic and social support.

Our Mentors: